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Meek Mill Vs. Drake

The young bull started things off on twitter with accusations that Champgne Poppy wasn't writing his own lyrics, name dropped Quentin Miller and insinuated that was the reason that Drake didn't tweet about Meek Mill's album being released (that Drake is featured on). Funk Master Flex chimed in and released at least one reference track of Quentin Miller rapping a bit of what we all know now as a Drake song.
Some people seem to think Meek Mill light weight apologized on twitter, but just two days after the initial tweets Drake dropped a kryptic/ironic diss caller Charged Up
Then two day later dropped Back to Back
by this point the internet was going crazy having fun with Meek as a no show. He was the butt of jokes on Instagram, Tumbler and Twitter. Drake wasted no time with an answer and it was reported that earlier this year he donating $75,000 to the same Philadelphia high school Meek attended and donated just $10,000 to as well as sent 6 bottles of champagne to Charlamagne da god, a well known Drake hater.
Quentin Miller quietly dropped a diss called Lies

Even Nikki's ex-boyfriend Safaree got a diss track in called Lifeline
Meek finally came back with his Reply in rap form after questioning people's lyrics
Wanna Know
He even brings up T.I. and a 2010 incident where one of his boys pee'd on Drake at a movie premier and Funk Master Flex tried to back him up by releasing 3-4 more Reference tracks Drake used to build his last album (those can be found in this link here ).

 here is good break down from the rumor mill via Possiebot:

The Real Story behind the meek and Drake beef?

Meek found out from dj drama that drake had used a reference track from quinton for RICO. Meek confronted drake about it and they had a lil argument and drake felt like he was disrespected for the way meek came at him since he was doing a favor for meek. This happened the same week of meeks homecoming concert. Drake didnt show up because he was pissed at the way meek came at him. Meek was upset because drake was supposed to be the big celeb for his event. The track was already recorded and done when meek found out. Meek decided to still put the track on his cd. Months later meeks album comes out and drake doesnt tweet about it. Meek was upset because he felt like despite them having anargument, drake would still support since hes on the album.

Meek started feeling himself when he saw how taylor went at nicki and how much love nicki was getting even though taylor is the bigger star. Meek felt like ill just expose drake and the public will side with me because they will see that drake is a fraud just like they sided with nicki over taylor. Word gets around to all the djs like charlemagne and flex that drama has a ref track and more ref tracks. Flex begs drama for the 10 bands track and drops it. By jow most djs already know that there are more ref tracks that drama has. None of them care because they dont want to ruin their relationship that drake has with their station. Flex decides to put it out there when he found out about the other ref tracks acting like he had it but drama wouldnt give it up.

Meek didnt think drake would respond to him and was shocked when charged up came out. Meek did his diss record and told flex he would give it to him but was still trying to get the other ref tracks from drama to give to flex but drama wouldnt give it so flex and meek last minute decided not to premiere the diss track because they wanted to drop everything at the same time and ether drake. The next day drake releases his second track and shocks flex and meek because they werent expecting it. Meek already hAs his diss wanna know recorded but pretends like he still has to record it because he wAs still trying to get the ref tracks. Dj drama gives the track to meek who then tells flex that they are ready. Dj drama did not get paid for it. He wAs upset like op stated because he gave meek the ref tracks as a favor and meek went and called TI name in his track about the pee accident. TI got upset at drama and drama is pissed like op stated because he involved TI. Everything has backfired on all of them. Meek already knew about the piss incident but drama didnt think he would say it in his song and put TI name.

Another tea. The beggining of wanna know when meek talks about a !!!!! who went to jail for not snitching but later snitches. He was talking about AR-AB. When drake ref his name in back to back. Meek found out that AR-AB will be signing to ovo and has told his secrets to drake….meek is scared because drake has alot of info about him. This is the reason y drama gave the ref tracks to meek. They knew drake has ammo on meek and could air it out so as a friend drama gave the tracks thinking it would stop drake and it all backfired.

not from me but a source off tumblr

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