Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kid Ink - Daydreamer

Keepin' it 100 here. Last time I mentioned a Kid Ink song I been listening to and it wasn't on the mixtape. Well it's on this one. My bad, but how bad is it really when it equals more music.
new link = 4/6/12

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cocaine 80s - The Pursuit EP

Cocaine 80's is Producer NoI.D., singer James Fauntleroy, rapper Common with some more talented people on the helpout. This EP has eight tracks, for your ears not your nose!
01 Nameless
02 Summer Madness
03 To Tell You the Truth
04 Get You Some
05 Not No More
06 Nothing
07 Anywhere But Here
08 Like a Fool (birdsong)
Listen to Cocaine 80's
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Taylor McFerrin - Place In My Heart feat. Ryat

Another chance to hear something really chill right here. I believe this is Bobby McFerrin's son working his own lane with Ryat singing on just the first track out of three.
01 Place In My Heart feat. Ryat
02 Done For
03 Awake To You

Monday, June 13, 2011

16 Bars (of Tha Reinforcements) - Promo Single

                                                      Once again, someone handed this to my Bro. I haven't made time to slap this but I made sure you guys get to hear it. Tell me what you think.
Download The Single

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kid Ink - Crash Landing Mixtape

I stumbled upon a track of his called 'Lowkey Poppin' and had to hear the rest of the tape. As I do, gotta let people know what's new. As always this is for promotion, don't forget to support the artists!
new link = 4/6/12

Ryat - Avant Gold / Avant Gold Remixed

Be on the look out for the duo Ryat. Founded by Christina Ryat, she started her own label in 2008 to help get this music to you. You can find out more about them @ ,  ,  or follow them @!/RYAT To buy their newest album Avant Gold Remixed (follow up to Avant Gold) just go to 

Listen to song from AVANT GOLD
Listen to song from AVANT GOLD REMIXED