Saturday, December 15, 2012

Robb Banks - Calendars

MJG - Bitches Money Guns

Track list on back cover only lists 12 plus 2 bonus tracks but there are 20 tracks on this mixtape including all the interludes and skits. 320 kbps quality, check it out
01 - BMG intro
02 - BMG
03 - by_myself_(feat._tmack_and_young_buck)
04 - fuck_that_(feat._pastor_troy_and_wooh_da_kid)
05 - smokin chokin skit
06 - smokin_chokin_(feat._8ball_and_snoop_dogg)
07 - smoke_out_(feat._gc_eternal)
08 - interlude
09 - free (feat. Slim of 112)
10 - yns_(feat._lil_rickey_of_pbz_and_2_deep)
11 - small_change_(feat._rick_ross_and_mr._marr)
12 - get_the_product_skit
13 - get_the_product
14 - in_the_building_(feat._lil_wyte_and_young_dolph)
15 - gun_fire_season_(feat._b-hav)
16 - i_know_bitches_skit
17 - i_know_bitches_(feat._goliath)
18 - mjg_speaks
19 - the_enterprise_(feat._tmack,_champ_and_goliath)
20 - pages_of_my_life_(feat._rodney_ellis)

Marsha Ambrosius - Hors D'Oeuvres Mixed By DJ Aktive

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fabolous - The Soul Tape 2

Rick Ross - The Black Bar Mitzvah Mixtape

This is the mixtape cover that angered the Gangster Diciples gang with use of the star of david which they also use.  Death threats were sent to Ross and one of his tours(not the one listed) was canceled in North Carolina. He had an early disagreement with the GDs with his use of the name Larry Hoover, one of the gangs founding memebers, in his rap. According to Ross, janky promoters and miscommunication caused the tour to be derailed.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry Everyone - File host troubles.....again.

Sorry but due to recent crackdowns on file sharing many of my files have been deleted. First when Megaupload was shut down. Fileserve and multiupload went with it. Sharebee quit on me. Can't get Oron or terrastash to work for me. Then MediaFire erased all my files & links (YOU SUCK for erasing files I had premission to post). Soon as I find a reliable host for file sharing I will re-up everything and more. I have albums on deck that have been handed to me with permission to post. This technical BS is just a bump in the road. Check back soon. Submit file host options to the email @ bottom of page. THX

Saturday, March 17, 2012