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Sic ILL Press Release + Music Video links

Demetrius Jackson, more known by his stage name SIC ILL grew up and currently resides in Tacoma, Washington.

SIC ILL is a videographer/musician famous for the catch phrase "Let's get it!" and the viral video "Labyrinth Zone Act 1". He is parodied by Eminem in the music video "Rap God".

 SIC ILL is proving there are no limits for his visual design or performance abilities. He has established himself as an artist to keep an eye on with incredible lyrical prowess and singing abilities generations above his age. Currently an independent artist SIC ILL is preparing his VICDEMIC 3 & 4 and STREETDEMIC 3 & 4 albums with original production for release this summer.

Sic ill released 12 albums in 2012 among them "Techdemic" given a review in the newspaper Seattle Weekly and "Epidemic" featured in a Weekly Volcano newspaper article. In 2013 Seattle Newspaper The Stranger wrote an article on his Mcdonald's Super Size Me parody video "Fast N Hot". Sic ill performs frequently in the Seattle area and has shared the stage with artists such as; Luni Coleone and Kokane.

With no formal promotion, SIC ILL's videos are over 100,000+ views on YouTube and received support from VladTV, UGHH.com, Seattle Stranger Newspaper, ThaNorthwest.com, ISLMusic.com, and SYFFAL.com. Amongst all his menacing viral videos "FAST N HOT" and the Mortal Kombat inspired "THE PIT" caused quite a stir in early 2013, both racking over 10,000 views each in only a month's span.

Since his self-produced/directed videos started making waves with fans and peers alike, SIC ILL has received accolades from the music industry at every turn, most notably Brian of DAY26 and Benzino of The Source fame [currently Hip Hop Weekly Magazine]. SIC ILL's own lyrical idols include Nas, MF Doom, Brotha Lynch Hung. Already being compared to the likes of Drake, Kirko Bangz and Roscoe Dash, SIC ILL definitely seems like he's on his grind and if he keeps going at the rate that he is, possibly can be the next best singer/rapper combo in the game.

SIC ILL - ALADDIN - The Music Video

Check out the official video on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGeKoE0Cpl4

The latest of SIC ILL's entertaining videos. The Seattle, Washington emcee lives the Aladdin lifestyle of a city beggar in this animated flash and real-life film adaption.

Sic ill has also been recently publicized in numerous blogs/media/press:
[SEATTLE STRANGER NEWSPAPER] http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2013/03/15/the-return-of-the-tac-town-food-rap-sic-ills-fast-n-hot
[NORTHWEST MILITARY] http://www.northwestmilitary.com/music-and-culture/features-and-columns/2010/12/The-year-in-Tacoma-hip-hop-2010/
[WE OUT HERE MAGAZINE] http://www.weouthere.net/2013/04/17/sic-ill-speed-racer/
[MUSICYOUNEED.NET] http://musicyouneed.net/2013/04/22/welcome-to-the-underground-volume-24/
[ESCOESAYZ.COM] http://escoesayz.com/2013/04/30/talent-tuesday-sic-ill-far-speed-racer-evel-knievel/comment-page-1/
[BLODWARSMAGAZINE.COM] http://www.bloodwarsmagazine.com/blog/?p=22383
[SAYNOMO.COM] http://saynomo.com/videos/sic-ill-sic_ill-far/
[SYFFAL.COM] http://www.syffal.com/sic-ill-filter-free-rodeo
[NW-TV.COM] http://www.nw-tv.com/music-videos/sic-ill-fast-n-hot
[VLADTV.COM] http://www.vladtv.com/blog/162363/sic-ill-we-wild-donkey-kong-pitfall-duckhunt-zelda-inspired-music-video/
[MSTVONLINE.ORG] http://www.mstvonline.org/2013/03/seattle-sic-ill-fast-n-hot-mcdonalds.html
[BRINGINGDOWNTHEBAND.COM] http://bringingdowntheband.com/welp-sic-ill-the-walking-dead-video/
[RAPREVIEWS.COM] http://www.rapreviews.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=17920
[ISLMUSIC.COM] http://www.islmusic.com/islm-newsletter/indie-talent/new-indie-talent-sic-ill-pink-elephants-official-video-2
[BEATTAPECO-OP] http://beattapeco-op.blogspot.com/2012/12/sic-ill-maedemic-album-2012.html
[CHEDDACHECKAZ.COM] http://cheddacheckaz.com/2012/10/21/sic-ill-irepresent-video-fandemic/
[GOJUICERADIO] http://www.gojuiceradio.com/sic-ill-reps-for-tacoma-winning-76th-faceoff/
[TOMB 2 DA WOMB] http://toknowaveil.tumblr.com/post/44499755697/sic-ill-fast-n-hot-mcdonalds-super-size-me
[FREQUENCY.COM] http://www.frequency.com/video/36-sic-ill-jam-sir-mix-lot-baby-got-back/84965793/-/5-541
[PEACE MAGAZINE] http://www.blog.peacemagazine.com/2013/03/04/sic-ill-fast-n-hot-mcdonalds-super-size-me/
[DVNWORLD.COM] http://dvnworld.com/?p=1154
[THEGASMASS.NET] http://www.thegasmass.net/2010/12/sic-ill-pandemic-album.html
[SHELBY.TV] http://shelby.tv/video/youtube/09alcdmzURY/sic-ill-blame-video-fandemic
[VINTAGEDRIVING.COM] http://vintagedriving.com/19-sic-ill-spittaz-ameridemic-tacoma-dome-americas-car-museum-mckinley-park-tacoma/
Check out SIC ILL's full length movie/musical: YOUTUBEDEMIC
on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DewV4VtYogk

Demetrius Jackson, the artist known as SIC ILL from Tacoma, Washington is proving why he's one of the best netcees on the web. He recently finished a self-produced/directed full length movie/musical "YOUTUBEDEMIC" and it's accompaning soundtrack on iTunes. This is the first rap "musical/music album" video and uses all 22 songs and lasts over an hour and fourteen minutes.

The songs all are shot in Sic's hometown of Tacoma, Washington, a mid-sized city, 30 miles south of Seattle. All his audio sounds vintage because he prefers to record everything in analog quality. He stretches the boundaries of the akai XR20 drum machine on this album self-producing every track. All sounds are recorded in digital multitracks instead of Pro Tools. HD footage is intentionally shrunk to standard video. Masters are re-encoded to MP3 format. This is done to make it easier for his social media audience to consume.

Sic ill does not rely on itunes, he also uses his voice and skills to sell audiobooks on sites like Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. A worthy career alternative for someone who's skills include being a journalist and graphic designer.

A true Netcee, the only way to find Sic ill is in his hometown. He makes up for this by opening for national artists as they headline their way through Seattle, Portland and Vancouver B.C., 2013's openings include Luni Coleone, Kokane of Dogg Pound Records, Kuzzo Fly and Messy Marv.
SIC ILL - Revenge of Shinobi [VID/MP3] + Rapper releases 31 mixtapes in 31 days...

Check out "Sic ill's" 40th music video - "Revenge of Shinobi"
SIC ILL - Revenge of Shinobi - [Youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGu8y-JXZd0

SIC ILL MANIA !!! 31 mixtapes in 31 days

Rapper makes 31 mixtapes in 31 Days...

In a publicity stunt inspired by Gorilla Zoe's "28 mixtapes in 28 days" in February 2010, the self-proclaimed "Netcee" SIC ILL will be releasing 31 mixtapes for every day in July 2013. Each mixtape will have it's own theme, some are full-fledged albums with original production, others are mixtapes using famous instrumentals.

Recently in June 2013, SIC ILL released the first rap movie/musical. The video "YouTubedemic" plays for almost an hour and a half. The video is the rap equivalent to R&B singer R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" and plays all 22 tracks in tracklisting order on the self-produced YouTubedemic soundtrack available on iTunes.

In an Ozone magazine interview after his feat, Gorilla Zoe stated that he did not think this could be redone and he could go 365 days if he wished. Sic is not going so far as putting a mixtape every day for a year unsuprisingly and is staying with his 31 day strategy.

"Like Zoe said, he made the blueprint, I just peeped game."

All Sic ill mixtapes will be available on http://sicill.bandcamp.com/ on the day of release.

July 1 - Vicdemic 3 - Produced by Victor Herman
July 2 - NDemic - Produced by Natate Productions [New England]
July 3 - Streetdemic 3 [Industry Mixtape]
July 4 - Katy B Demic [Rap Lyrics over United Kingdom singer Katy B beats]
July 5 - [...To Be Announced]

SIC ILL - Revenge of Shinobi [Youtube] - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGu8y-JXZd0

"SIC ILL" makes a tribute song for the NBA western conference champion San Antonio Spurs. "2013 Western Conference Champions" Tribute Song
SIC ILL - The Spurs
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci0-dRxp9gk

SIC ILL - Blueberries + The Video Re-Up

#52 SIC ILL - Blueberries - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jj0SHC8nRI
Northwest rapper SIC ILL films at a Blueberry Park

#40 SIC ILL - Revenge of Shinobi

#41 SIC ILL - The Spurs [Edo-G & Pete Rock - Boston]

#42 SIC ILL - Pots and Pans

#43 SIC ILL - A Perfect 16 Bars [Aceyalone - The Faces]

#44 SIC ILL - Micheala [Sadistik - Micheal]

#45 SIC ILL - Perfect Stranger [Katy B - Perfect Stranger

#46 SIC ILL - Self Made [Inspectah Deck - What they Want]

#47 SIC ILL - On A Mission [Katy B - On A Mission]

#48 SIC ILL - Dance With Myself [Riff Raff - Bird on a Wire]

#49 SIC ILL - Shatter

#50 SIC ILL - Higher

#51 SIC ILL - Soccer Game [Prod. Natate Productions]

#52 SIC ILL - Blueberries

#53 SIC ILL - Manuscript

#54 SIC ILL - Another Round of Lies

#55 SIC ILL - Flowers [Vast Aire - Why'sdaskyblue]

#56 SIC ILL - The Jungle

SIC ILL - Ferry Boats
Pacific northwest rapper SIC ILL [sick-ill] directs and stars in this music video highlighting the Ferry Boats used in the Seattle area. Original production from Natate Productions.

 Seattle's "other" superstar rapper [almost completely overshadowed by the ultra-popular Macklemore], the famous netcee SIC ILL. [Sick-ill] makes 100s of self-directed Music Videos on his youtube channel, some animated, others weird, some great, some not-so. Already being compared to the likes of Lil B, Snow Tha Product and Kreayshawn [206Proof.com] [UGHH.com] [Seattle's The Stranger Newspaper] Performed live and shared the stage with the likes of Kokane of Doggpound Records, Rappin 4 Tay, Luni Coleone, First Degree the D.E., Kuzzo Fly and many more as well as numerous occasions as a professional photographer while previously living in Miami, Florida with famous musicians H-Town, Chico Debarge, Brian Angel of Day26, Lil Cuete, Benzino of Love and Hip-Hop, Brisco of Cash Money/Young Money Records, artists in the Seattle-Hip Hop scene and many more
 Seattle rapper SIC ILL is taking over the world with French Fries

SIC ILL is enjoying a successful 2013.

The Drake-ish rapper/singer buzzes in the pacific northwest with a constant supply of free downloads and videos releases. With fellow town heroes Macklemore & Ryan Lewis already achieving super-stardom the pressure is on for the local sensation who is compared to nationwide buzz sensations Snow Tha Product, RiFF RaFF and Chance the Rapper.

Seattle has a knack of having rappers that come out with great viral videos. First Sir Mix A Lot released the legendary "Baby Got Back". Macklemore & Ryan Lewis dropped "Thrift Shop". Seemingly as an aftershock of Thrift Shop SIC ILL's recent success and country-wide buzz comes mainly from his million-plus viewed YouTube video "FAST N HOT", a Mcdonalds Rap/Super Size-Me track. He also has other rap-parody/spoofs of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Monopoly, Atari classic 'Pitfall', Where the Wild Things Are, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat and other nostalgic topics.

Even with distraction of being in the limelight, SIC ILL's only drive is to create more music and videos, with over eighty music videos in his collection already.

SIC ILL - "Tippy" [Seattle Seahawks NFL Championship Remix][Radio Clean]

Artist: SIC ILL

Song: Tippy

Year: 2014

Produced: Custom Instrumental provided by "Thurge Beats" - https://twitter.com/thurgebeats

Description: Seattle, Washington musician "SIC ILL" makes a song for his city after his hometown "Seattle Seahawks" win a NFL championship. References Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Ichiro, Gary Payton, Felix Hernandez

Youtube Music Video: SIC ILL - "Tippy" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VStm9ux4eMM

Song included. SIC ILL - "Tippy" - Custom Instrumental provided by Thurge Beats [https://twitter.com/thurgebeats] [Radio Clean Instrumental] MP3 320 KBP

Seattle Hip-hop artist "SIC ILL" drops a nostalgic video about Sonic The Hedgehog level "Labyrinth Zone Act 1", Using the level music and all. Trippy...

SIC ILL - Labyrinth Zone Act 1 [Official Video]

SIC ILL​ - Marble Zone (Music Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY2L3y6EoEk 

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pandemic/id418301628

SIC ILL: FAR - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwZuyAfHE54

SIC ILL: WE WILD - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSEiSPSxRmM

SIC ILL: FAST N HOT - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwZGsVBDS1c

Contact Information Email: therealsicill@gmail.com Phone: (253) 255-2149

Official Website/Press: http://itsmyurls.com/sicill
Twitter: @SIC_ILL - http://twitter.com/SIC_ILL
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sic.ill.music
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sic-ill/id418301629
Youtube: http://youtube.com/mrsicill
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sic-ill
Official Website: www.itsmyurls.com/sicill

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