Friday, October 14, 2011

The Weeknd - Noise EP

The Noise EP contains six songs recorded by The Weeknd back when he was associated with a production group known as The Noise, hence why the mixtape is called The Noise EP. This is an unofficial mixtape released by fans after the six songs leaked. Although the songs were presumably recorded prior to the release of House of Balloons, this mixtape was leaked in May 2011, after the release of the first official album.
Many of the copies floating around out there have only the first five songs, this is complete with an extra snippet with the same sound.
The Weeknd (formerly known as The Noise)
1. Birthday Suit (Drake Demo)
2. Do It
3. Love Through Her
4. Material Girl
5. Rescue You
6. Appointment
7.X-Ray (snippet)

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