Sunday, July 10, 2011

DiscBreaks Exclusive presents: Miguel Jontel 2.0

Didn't see this one coming but it's here. New Miguel mixtape with some features, some remixes and a couple cover songs at the end. I'm really feeling the song "My Piece" right now. You can leave comments on which track you like best. And remember to support the artists!
01 Me, Oh Me, Oh My
02 Pussy Is Mine
03 U-N-I Lately REMIX ft. MIGUEL
04 Electric
05 Pillows and Pancakes
06 Young And Free
07 Break The Ice
08 Feel Goods
09 Magazine.
10 That I Do
11 Away
12 My Piece
13 Sure Thing (remix) (feat. Pusha T)
14 Hand It Over
15 Killer
16 To The Moon
17 Find My Way Back
18 Without Me
Listen to DBX Miguel 2.0
new link = 4/7/12

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