Friday, February 4, 2011

DiscBreaks Exclusive presents: Dev - @DEVisHot

Dev is hot! She is from California (209). She is featured on the Far East Movement's hit G6, which is also on this mixtape (thx DiscBreaks). She works with The Cataracs often (prod. Snoop Dogg's "wett") but doesn't have a signature sound just yet because she raps and sings. Support her album when it comes out or follow her on twitter Until then bump this.....
Dev - @DEVisHot
1. Bass Down Low (ft. The Cataracs)
2. Booty Bounce
3. Fireball
4. Just Another Day
5. Everything I Do
6. Me
7. Lying Next To Me
8. Monsta
9. When strangers Fall In Love (snippet)
10.Don't Say That Word (piano cover)
11.Don't Say That Word
12.I Like To Party - The Cataracs Remix feat. Dev
13.Nanosaur (Radio Edit)Maria ft Dev
14.Sunrise - The Cataracs ft. Dev
15.2nite - The Cataracs ft. Dev
16.I say Hella - Bobby Brackins ft. Dev
17.Mobbin'- Bobby Brackins ft. Dev 
18.Skinny Jeans Remix - Bobby Brackins ft. Stunnaman , Dev   The Cataracs
19.Dance Floor - The Pack ft. Dev
20.G6 - Far East Movement ft. Dev & The Cataracs

Get DBE: @DEVisHot Mixtape


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